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WBA 360 Presentation

First Bank Financial Centre
”WTMJ Cares” partnership

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Living the Brand - how to get noticed for what makes you different.

During their brief presentation at the WBA LEAD360 Conference, Jeff McCarthy of First Bank Financial Centre and Pat Miller of Small Step Solutions explained that your bank needs to create and execute a brand-promise that differentiates you from the competition.

For First Bank Financial Centre, their mission is to “make lives better.” This statement is more than just low rates and great service. They believe in helping their customers and the community as a whole. This brand-promise humanizes the bank and creates a partnership with their customers for all of their financial products.

With that mission, First Bank Financial Centre needed all of the Milwaukee area to know how they were different. That’s when they partnered with WTMJ Radio’s “WTMJ Cares” community service effort. Each quarter, the hosts of the station select an organization in the listening area that could use help. First Bank Financial Centre makes a $1,000 donation to the cause and their staff participates in the effort collect funds or raise awareness. For example, they volunteer at the phone bank for any “radiothon” events.

For the Rides and Reins event, their initial $1,000 donation inspired the community to donate a total of $73,000 - well over the initial goal of $25,000!

The WTMJ Cares partnership helps do a few important things: It gives the bank a tangible, high-profile example on how they “Make Lives Better.” It reinforces the effort to First Bank Financial Centre customers that FBFC is different and a true partner for their well-being. Finally, there are real marketing and public relations benefits. 620 WTMJ is one of the leading radio stations in Milwaukee and the most influential station in Wisconsin. The station averages over 350,000 weekly listeners. The on-air promotion included an interview opportunity with a bank official, and hundreds of name mentions for the bank in on-air promotions announcements. The program also included digital advertising that generated over 450,000 views and 786 clicks to the First Bank Financial Centre website.

So, how is your bank different? Finding that unique angle for your organization to stand out is where Small Step Solutions can help. Pat was the Director of Marketing at WTMJ Radio when Jeff jumped on board the WTMJ Cares effort. Now, he operates Small Step Solutions to help organizations with their marketing strategy so they can identify and communicate their difference. A partnership with Small Step Solutions could include creating a unique brand model, in-office staff engagement, marketing and public relations assistance and media partnerships and negotiation.

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