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The Stream Engine Strategy Platform is the convenient way to get the strategy and ideas you need for a competitive advantage. The platform connects you and Pat through video conference so you can get custom, one-on-one marketing support from the comfort of your office or mobile device. It cuts out all of the hassle of asking for help: It’s fast, easy to use and affordable. If you’ve got an issue that you need help with, set an appointment with Pat and get just what you need, when you need it.

How it works

The Stream Engine is Pat’s video platform and it works just like any traditional video conferencing tool. In fact, the platform can work on your favorite webinar platform including ZOOM, SKYPE, GOTOMEETING, WEBEX and more. The video conference meetings work just like a traditional strategy session. You’ll pre-plan the topics you want to hit and collaborate on the agenda YOU select. During the meeting, you can work with Pat in a shared Google doc, or, simply talk it out and revisit the note taking later. It’s up to you.

Why it Works

You’re busy building a business. The last thing you need to do is stop down, drive across town and have a hushed conversation in a coffee shop. You need expert help and some support to get the work done. The Stream Engine platform gives you want you want - the answers to the test and the support to make great ideas come to life


One Time Meeting - $169 -
Just like it sounds, you can get an on-demand strategy session to solve a problem, or, plan upcoming brand events and promotions. The contents of the one-hour call are up to you. Pick the day, prepare for the call and solve your problem.

Monthly Ideas & Action - $499/month
This program offers your business strategic guidance and support to progress on your goals. You’ll receive a monthly strategy session and three hours of work to move your business forward. This program is perfect for a customer-facing business that needs engagement ideas for promotions, social media or product positioning.

Ideas, Accountability and Ongoing Support - $799/month
The ideas are great, but, you could also use more frequent meetings to move faster. This package includes two strategy sessions per month and five hours of work. If you’ve been putting off a big project or you need to change the trajectory of your business in a hurry, this package will get you moving.

If you don’t see the mix of meetings and work that fits your needs, let’s start a discussion to build a custom solution for your situation.

How to start

  • Click HERE to sign up for a one-on-one consultation to learn more about how the Stream Engine can help.

  • If you’re ready to book your first appointment, simply select the time that works for you on the calendly system below. Once you select your time, Pat will have time reserved to get down to business on your problem.