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Milwaukee Mastermind

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Get inspiration, ideas and the support you need

Be a part of the Small Step Solutions Business Mastermind groups, facilitated by the owner, Pat Miller. It’s more than just a monthly conversation. This is a structured, facilitated program with topics including: goal setting, accountability, collaboration and brainstorming. You’ll leave each meeting with fresh ideas to set your goals and stay on track.

If you’ve struggled to achieve your goals, this group is for you. You’ll join a team of five other business leaders who will serve as your personal Board of Directors. Their feedback and collaboration will give you the support and perspective you need.

Commit to success and apply for a spot in the Milwaukee Business Mastermind groups today.

What to expect

Your group will meet once a month for a focused and structured two-hour workshop to set goals, review progress and share feedback. During the meeting, every member will have time to present their objectives and get feedback on challenges standing in their way. Pat will also bring in guests and teach a variety of topics as requested by the group.

You’ll also receive a monthly 30-minute one-on-one accountability call with Pat. During the call you can troubleshoot obstacles and generate additional ideas to accomplish your monthly objectives.

The monthly agenda, education, tracking documents and more will be accessible 24/7 in a private website for group members.

Frequently asked Questions

Will we just listen to others or will I get REAL help for my business?
Each meeting includes goal review and goal setting for your business along with time set aside for each business owner to present their own challenges and opportunities. During your time each month, the group can offer perspective, connections and ideas to help you move forward. Additional time is set aside each month to help business owners that need a little extra help. We are all here to support you and grow together.

What times are available?
Meetings are set on a recurring basis to make planning easy. For example, “The first Thursday of the month from 7am-9am.” Our initial two groups are now 75% full. We have now begun waiting lists for new groups that would like to start. In the form below, select the best time for you and we will launch that group as soon as it reaches four committed members.

Will you bring in guests and talk about topics we request?
Definitely. We have a vibrant network and I’d love to bring in the best and brightest to help you make decisions and learn.

What if I just can’t make a meeting?
Life happens. If you can’t make the meeting, you’ll still get the meeting agenda and recap along with a monthly call with Pat. We will work together to keep you on track and moving forward!


Apply now for business exclusivity and preferred meeting times

The Milwaukee Mastermind program is live with two groups meeting regularly. The groups meet at the Small Step Solutions office at 250 N. Sunnyslope Road, Suite 200 in Brookfield, WI.

Member benefits:

  • Groups meet once per month for two-hour, in depth meetings

  • Members also receive a monthly strategy call with Pat Miller included in the partnership

  • Group members will enjoy category exclusivity in their group

  • Group members will receive two (2) free tickets to every Brand Crafted live educational event for the duration of their membership.

  • Membership Rate: $327/ month with an initial six month term

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