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Tell us when one of these situations sounds familiar: You’ve got a great idea to grow, but you’re already overwhelmed. Or, sales are slowing and you need help identifying the problem so you can get back on track. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up when the goals you set begin to slip and the to-do list gets longer…meanwhile, you’re being pulled away from the operations that bring in the revenue you and your team depend on.

We’re Small Step Solutions and we solve problems for Small Business. We offer small business owners perspective, vision, added project horsepower and much more. To us, problems are a game and solving them is fun. They’re a challenge, an opportunity to make something right and ultimately a way to help you. Our perfect day is spent with a Small Business Owner when we arrive at the “that’s so obvious, why didn’t I think of that” moment.

We offer one-on-one business counseling sessions to diagnose problems, mastermind style groups for goal setting and accountability and project partnerships where we do hard things in record time.

You need help. You need the problem solved. That’s what we do.

Click here to take your first step by arranging a one-on-one counseling session. If it’s urgent, just email us and we’ll be on the phone with you within 24 hours.



➤ new

Small Step Solutions has launched Milwaukee Mastermind groups for business leaders to get the support and accountability they need. Groups of six meet monthly and they each enjoy one-on-one consulting calls with Pat Miller for ideas and accountability. Click for more information.


I have yet to meet anyone who knows Pat who doesn’t start their sentence back to me with, “He’s the smartest guy I know.” When given a task, he sinks his teeth in for his client and will not stop until everyone has met their goals. Only hire him if you want C-suite results.
— Sarah Maio - VP Marketing & Communication - Wisconsin Center District