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I could not have accomplished what I did without Pat. He has been my go-to guy for so many things and has been there to guide throughout the whole process. I wholeheartedly recommend Pat Miller and Small Step Solutions to help you with your business.
— Sara Nowacki - Platinum Travel & Autism Friendly Vacations

Our strategy session with Small Step Solutions was time and money well spent. We were able to walk away from the day with new insights into our customers’ needs and how to better serve them. Because of that powerful discussion, we created an offering that will serve us well beyond what we were envisioning. The insight also led to improved messaging that has already helped us quickly close more sales.
— Jamie Shibley - The Expressory

Super-simple-recommendation of Pat Miller:

Every business has to do things that are hard.
1. Complicated things
2. Things with too many moving parts to manage effectively with internal capabilities.
3. One-off things that are outside of the core offerings of anyone’s business.
4. Unexpected things.
a) unexpected growth
b) unexpected declines in top line revenue
c) unexpected projects
5. Expected things that have been put off just because they’re hard.

Pat founded Small Step because this is what he does. He does one-off and unexpected hard things. And that’s rare. The ability to do hard things. Just - flawlessly.

If you are facing one of these ‘hard-things’, please consider using Small Step to help you get it done. The alternatives are far less productive. The alternatives tend to be:
1. Just don’t do it (such a bad idea)
2. As an executive, stop doing all of the stuff you should be doing to grow your business and do this other thing instead (also a horrible idea).
3. Hire someone permanently, to do that which is only temporary in your business. (not a good solution).
4. Give the project to someone already on board, who probably won’t do the ‘thing’ very well (sets up a good employee/partner for failure).

Just let Pat and Small Step do the ‘thing’. That’s what he does. Fantastically.
— Jeff Solie