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(Part 2) - Need a Great Idea? CHEAT.

In part one of this blog, we talked about how to create a killer idea. In case you missed it, click HERE to go back and look. The blog demonstrated how you can start the process of creating a great idea by CHEATING and going to the result, first.

Moving forward, imagine you’d like to hire one salesperson per month, and you’ve decided you need 27 one-on-one meetings to get that done. (Defined in Part One)

You could stop the definition here, but you need keep digging. You’ve landed on this idea that you’re going to hire the best salespeople but what does a good salesperson want and how can you communicate it? Your opinion may vary, but the best salespeople I’ve ever worked with are passionate for their clients, competitive to a fault and driven by the killer combination of personal autonomy and financial gain. Find someone that clicks those four boxes and you’ve probably got a keeper.

So, there’s the recipe. How do you express the job opening in a way that the sales sharks want? Now you know that your mission isn’t to hire just any salesperson each month. Your job is to express a sales opening in a way that great salespeople want to know more. The great salespeople are defined using the traits above (or however YOU define them.)  

After definition, the next thing I do is to free associate. To free associate, you need to let your mind wander. I mean, really walk all over. Without a doubt, the absolute BEST PLACE where I get ideas is in the shower. Not sure why – maybe it’s the six-pack abs. But the shower is the ideal spot to feel warm, comfortable and relaxed. Ask yourself, “how could we help our sales team advocate for their clients?” “How could we offer a salesperson complete autonomy?” “How could we get these sales sharks to apply to US instead of us trying to reach them?” Rolling through big picture questions like this will fuel some fun ideas. Here are a few that come to mind

·        Write a blog about great sellers in the Milwaukee Area and ask for contributors to share their power sales tips

·        Create a social media series about “lessons from the sales pit”

·        Ask business owners who the best salesperson is that calls on their business and give them recognition

·        Create a $500 grand prize for “salesperson of the year” and run a contest on LinkedIn

·        Organize a lunch meet up for salespeople to network and exchange information

·        Create a work-from-home position with only two weekly stops in the office. Publicize it as “Milwaukee’s best sales position – Work from home, make $150,000”

The point is, you can create an infinite number of ways to express this opening. It’s just so much easier once you have cheated and better understood the problem you’re trying to solve.

To complete the thought and potentially help someone trying to hire a salesperson – you’d take your idea and then stack it back up to execution. Let’s say you go with the “Salesperson of the Year” as your bit. If you want applicants in hand four weeks from now, create a schedule. One week for social media preparation, rules of the contest and graphics. Two weeks of promotion through your email, website, social media and partners/contacts. One week to review the applicants and select the winner. After the $500 prize and $100 plaque, you’ll (hopefully) have a fresh batch of 40-60 salespeople driven enough to apply on the “first annual” contest. Use those 40-60 “leads” to fill your one-on-one pipe for conversations that could quickly turn into interviews.

This blog isn’t about hiring a salesperson. I just wanted to use an example to show how you need to examine the real outcome you’re pursuing and WORK BACKWARDS from the actual result you’re achieving. Once you clearly define the result, the idea part become so much easier.

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