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Great Read: In Praise of Slowness - An Article by Farnam Street

If you listen closely, there is a rumble in the distance. Smart people far and wide are really getting hacked off at the concept of “being busy.” More articles, books and LinkedIn Video blogs are railing on the idea that we don’t allow ourselves the down time necessary to think deeply and explore opportunity.

Thanks to a share on twitter, I stumbled upon this article “In Praise of Slowness” by Farnam Street. It’s a blog entry that pulls from many sources to examine the lifestyle we are clinging to in 2019.

Instead of just complaining about being busy, this article takes it one step further to demonstrating the effect it is having on our bodies and lives.

My favorite paragraph:

“ We’ve become fast and fat.

Overwork is a health hazard in other ways, too. It leaves less time and energy for exercise, and makes us more likely to drink too much alcohol or reach for convenience foods. It is no coincidence that the fastest nations are also often the fattest. Up to a third of Americans and a fifth of Britons are now clinically obese. … One reason we need stimulants is that many of us are not sleeping enough. With so much to do, and so little time to do it, the average American now gets ninety minutes less shut-eye per night than she did a century ago.”

It’s definitely worth your time to read, especially if you feel like you have none to spare.

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