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“We are ALL in Sales” - February 20, 2019

The Brand Crafted Facebook Group gathered for its first event on 2/20/19 at Central Standard Distillery to talk about how we can all make more money through sales. We rounded up three of the best sales people we knew for an in-depth conversation about sales, the process and mentality needed to grow your overall revenue. The incredible panel included Jeff Solie, Alissa Weber and Sarah Bauer. A big thank you to our sponsors Local First, Tall Guy and a Grill and Roamin’ Studios for the excellent video capture.

Don’t miss the next Brand Crafted Social Club event. Tickets are on sale now. Also, make sure to join the free facebook group so you can be included in our ongoing conversation around strategy, marketing, sales and more.


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Up Next…

The Brand Crafted Social Club is planning our next event for late May. Stay tuned for updates!