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Small Step Solutions helps business owners that are “too busy to think” make tough decisions and capture new opportunities. Do you know how you’re different from the competition and what to do to stand out? Are you growing so quickly that you can’t keep up? Have sales dipped and you’re not sure why? We simplify strategy with clear questions, bright ideas and actionable programs to grow your business.

We are a full-service consultant firm. We’re not going to just toss ideas at you and then walk away. Our approach is to work with you to develop programs or refine your practices. Then, we’ll lead the implementation so you can take advantage of the results.

We meet with you face-to-face, or, we can save you time with our market-exclusive Stream Engine Strategy Platform. It delivers custom, one-on-one video consulting, fast and affordably from your computer, smartphone or iPad.

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See the video from the first Brand Crafted Social Club event. Learn from three expert sellers how to overcome objections, get more meetings and conquer cold calling.


I have yet to meet anyone who knows Pat who doesn’t start their sentence back to me with, “He’s the smartest guy I know.” When given a task, he sinks his teeth in for his client and will not stop until everyone has met their goals. Only hire him if you want C-suite results.
— Sarah Maio - VP Marketing & Communication - Wisconsin Center District